Monday, April 26, 2010

Found this survivor on e-bay, all original and complete.  An old Raleigh DL-1 rod brake roadster, just like the one Dad rode as an Oxfordshire constable in England in the early '50s.

Put the hundreds of bits together and last weekend took it to Morgan at Bikeland to make it right.

This is Dad's birthday present, sort of like buying your Dad a baseball glove. Ok, well exactly like ;-)  I'm hoping to borrow it for the RfH, as a 'reward' to my sponsors for helping me raise $1,000.

Dad's expressed an interest in cycling as an exercise that'll be easier on his knees than walking.  I'd like to see him on my mtb initially as it should be a bit easier than the DL-1 after nearly six decades off bike, then have him try this oldie.

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